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    Focus on project construction: promote industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovation.

    Technological innovation is related to the survival and development of an enterprise, is the key factor for industrial upgrading, as the domestic industry leader cigna state hing chemical co., LTD., knows its important meaning. In recent years, enterprises have increased investment in scientific and technological innovation and personnel training, and the research and development of high-precision products has injected more vitality into the enterprise's development.

    In 2017, cigna stand with a total investment of forty million yuan of research activities building formal putting-in-service proactively, by the senior engineer, the well-known technical experts, PhD, master's graduate students and other professional talents form the core of the scientific research team is stronger.

    In recent years, the innovation of science and technology fruits of set cigna xing in domestic and international market competitiveness, high content of science and technology in new product value is decuple growth, raw materials for enterprise to bring greater benefits at the same time, also has laid a solid foundation for industrial upgrading. As the foundation of cangzhou coal tar deep processing engineering technology center, the development goal of xinnolixing 2018 is to become the supporting unit of provincial engineering technology center. Next, the company will be built and put into production capacity of 200 tons of indole production line, 4000 tons of fluorene is a high new material production line, the expansion of the 200000 tons of coal tar deep processing, add 100000 tons of new type of modified pitch production equipment, at the same time the company will also continue with the domestic many colleges and universities and research institutes in close cooperation, strengthen the research and development of downstream products, has set aside for the development of the next few years a large number of high-tech projects.

    Cigna xing chemical co., LTD., deputy general manager Senior engineer Zhou Xiaoye: "our company always attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, in science and technology innovation investment is more than ten million each year over the years, it is not only the driving force for the development of the enterprise in the future, is also the source of corporate profits in the future, only the enterprise into science and technology, march to high-end products, the vitality of enterprises will be lasting, the life of the enterprise to be strong. We now 80000 tons of naphthalene method of benzene anhydride should be one of the leading enterprises in the domestic, this is we the results of technological innovation, the new material of our high-end, raw materials by $4000, to 240000 sales of products, this is also our through the fruits of scientific and technological innovation achievement, what we're doing now there are 200 tons of indole series of high-end products, a new type of environmentally friendly products, and new type flame retardant, behind us, of course, there are a batch of scientific research projects in preparation for, in research and development, we believe that in the next 10 years will continue to have new product launch, the vigor of life for the enterprise to provide more powerful."

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